New for the 2012 season

Rvtec is one of only a few companies that makes its Upholstery in house. 
Made to measure camper van upholstery for your camper van conversion.
We use high quality foam that meets UK legislations ,
3inch or 4inch thick foam can be used,
We can supply upholstery for your campervan interior even if its not one of our interiors.

We stock rock and roll beds and buddy seats made by Volkswares pro-active.

Spare wheel covers from 20.00 

¾ upholstery sets start from 300.00 

Full width upholstery start from 375.00

T2 front seats recovered start from 225.00

Rvtec can also supply new headliners

The price for a T2 cab headliner replaced at our shop is 325.00

Call our shop on 0845 319 4834 to discuss your requirements